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Girl Beats Up Boy At School

241.93K Views19 Comments


Tailgater Gets Brake Checked And Then Crashes

65.10K Views2 Comments


This Bear Prank Is The Meanest Thing A Co-Worker Can Do

33.05K Views2 Comments


Cop gets pulled over for speeding

19.12K Views0 Comments


Incredible Karate Kick Knock Out Like a Boss

14.76K Views1 Comments


Passing Fail – Worst Pass Ever Almost Causes Wreck

10.70K Views0 Comments


Bullied Kid Beats Up Bully Twice His Size

45.06K Views2 Comments


In Russia Cola Drink You

14.44K Views0 Comments


Don’t Mess With This Grandpa. He Knows How to Box!

19.41K Views0 Comments

At first when I watched this video I felt bad even playing it, because who wants to fight an old man? I could never punch my grandpa! Professional fighting is definitely not the sport for me. But holy cow does this grand...

Reporter Mugged on Camera While Waiting to Go On-Air

15.55K Views0 Comments

Wow this is crazy to watch! These criminals either don’t know or don’t care that this guy in front of all the cameras is being filmed for TV news. I guess that’s real gangster. I’m sure they had security close by so I ho...

Shark Attack Prank in London

10.91K Views0 Comments

I’ve seen some shark prank videos before, but never one that is totally out of water! How funny! Gotta show respect for such a well-planned prank. These guys are pros. They prank these customers again and again. But my q...

300 Fight Scene Recreated in the Gym!

3.48K Views0 Comments

How cool is this video!? These guys took something I’m sure everyone wishes they could do and actually made it happen. I bet making this video took a lot of preparation as far as practicing the choreography. Must have be...

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